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How to survive on 50 Litres of water a day.

In light of recent news, we've designed an infographic on how to survive on 50 Litres of water, or less, a day.

Check it out below:

In the Bathroom

  1. When showering, collect clean water that runs off while waiting for the water to warm up. Use this water for cooking, cleaning and drinking.
  2. Collect grey water to flush the toilet. Turn off the taps to the toilet so you don’t accidentally forget. Another not so flattering act - "if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down".
  3. Keep a bottle of bleach in your bathroom and spray around your toilet bowl and shower to stop the formation of bacteria.
  4. Start practicing 2-minute showers. Turn the shower off while washing, and only on for a few seconds to wet and rinse. Start washing your hair less and use dry-shampoo.
  5. Bath with a friend or shower with your partner (we know everyone will enjoy this **wink wink**).

In the Kitchen

  1. Collect left-over water in glasses and water bottles to water plants and fill pet bowls.
  2. Use water run-off from showers for cooking and drinking.
  3. Use a water bottle so you can put it in the fridge instead of throwing water out your glasses at the end of the day.
  4. Cook your veggies in a steamer or microwave instead of boiling them.

 When Washing Up

  1. Fill your dishwasher to the brim before running it. Use the 'eco-friendly' mode (around 11 liters per wash). Run out the soap water and use to flush your toilets.
  2. Eat finger foods, like sandwiches and fruit, that don't need a plate.
  3. Use a mug a day, and clean it only at the end of the day

  4. Only wash clothes that are necessary (ie. undies). Your washing machine uses around 60 liters of water per cycle. Tip: it's not necessary to wash your clothes after each wear. In fact, if you hang your used clothes on a hanger most odours and creases will disappear and you will end up increasing the lifespan of your clothes (Read more here).

  5. Hang your bath towels in the sun - they will dry quickly and prevent them from swelling with water. *Bonus* Sunlight kills bacteria so you won't have to wash your towels as often.

 In the Garden

  1. Collect rainwater that can be used for flushing and watering.

  2. Embrace water-wise gardening. P.S. Succulents are really trendy at the moment! 


Saving water not only counts in your household, but in your daily activities too.

Siréne Lifestyle produces eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable yoga mats that ensure your actions have a minimal effect on the environment. The best part about these yoga mats? They don't require machine-washing. To clean, simply use a damp cloth and wipe down the mat. Save water and save time.

It's about time we started living consciously. 

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