tree rubber yoga matAt Siréne we pride ourselves on being a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle brand. This practice starts with sourcing 100% natural tree rubber and micro-fiber surfaces that ensure sustainability.


Naturally Harvested Tree Rubber 

All of Siréne’s Yoga Mats have a 100% natural tree rubber backing with air pockets. This ensures the mat provides sufficient comfort and support for joints in order to minimize injuries. While the natural tree rubber is heavier than most commercial mats, it is more durable.

The harvesting process:

  • Natural tree rubber is grown from plants that minimize chemical additives and toxins, unlike synthetic rubber.
  • Latex, a milky white liquid, is the basis of natural rubber as the liquid is collected during Tapping – the process of collecting fluid in vessels.
  • The latex collected from the trees is filtered, washed and reacted with natural processes to bond the particles of rubber together.
  • During the harvesting process, the rubber tree experiences minimal harm and can continue to have a lifespan of 30 years.   

Microfiber Surface

Microfiber is a synthetic material offering high quality, smooth hand and high absorbency. High absorbency reduces slippage and increases traction with sweat, improving your performance.

Benefits of Microfiber:

  • Microfiber is made from synthetic fibers which are free from chemicals.
  • Microfiber is one of the fastest drying materials deterring bacteria growth.
  • Microfiber is durable and re-usable making it a sustainable material choice.
  • Microfiber is highly durable and long lasting – ensuring lifelong use.

Each component of Siréne’s mats is sustainably sourced and designed to support your conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle.