With the emphasis on sustainable living in recent years, plastic one-time use water bottle waste and toxicity has become a significant concern.


To better understand the impact of plastic water bottle waste per year, visualize bottles lined up end to end in a straight line. it would wrap around the earth 190 times. Moreover, the plastic water bottles that were placed in the landfill today will take up to 1000 years to biodegrade.


Sirene's double-walled insulation bottles aim to reduce plastic pollution. By creating a product that is fashionable and eco-friendly, Sirene aims to reduce single-use plastic consumption worldwide.
We've replaced your normal plastic exterior and interior with superior quality stainless steel (304 and 201). Our double-walled technology ensures that your bottle keeps your beverage cool for 8 hours and hot for 15 hours, while creating a condensation free exterior. Each bottle is BPA-free and reusable.
Research on BPA as an environmental contaminant has recent, major regulatory implications towards the ecosystem health. Besides the environment, BPA is reported to act as a teratogen and endocrine disruptor in vertebrate animals.




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